Gsutavo Brito

I’m a former Mckinsey & Company consultanthaving worked between 2002 and 2009 in their Lisbon and London offices.

I have an MBA from London Business School  (was awarded the maximum “Dean’s List” distinction).

My consulting experience also includes creating my own consultancy during the MBA and, as professor at Nova School of Business & Economics, tutoring groups of hand-picked graduating Masters students on their first paid-for and “real life” consulting assignments.

Today I split my time between business school teaching and freelance consulting.

I take on only 2 to 3 consulting projects per year, depending on their length and timing.

My freelance work is most suited for:
• the top-tier management consultancy that is short of specific expertise or project leadership capability on a certain assignment;
• the corporation looking for value-for-money advice on issues that are truly important but don’t match with top-tier consultancy fees;
• the creative or market research agency in need for business insight from who explores as easily his left as his right side of the brain.   │  LinkedIn